GeoSemantic Software Solutions is South Africa’s leading geospatial intelligence firm, specialising in geospatial solutions for asset management. We work together with our clients to enable them to monitor, manage and optimise the value extracted from geographically distributed assets. We have significant expertise and experience in mining, transport and logistics, and have worked with the biggest players in these sectors.

GeoSemantic understands that effective asset management is complex and often overlooked as a key value-driver in many businesses. Moreover, we realise that businesses struggle to find simple and effective ways to perform asset management- since asset data is often incomplete and decentralised. As such, GeoSemantic’s software- based on visual interfaces that integrate data from a range of sources and systems- is easy to use, streamlines business processes and unlocks value. It can also be customised to a range of asset types- from roads and bridges to mining and logistics infrastructure. GeoSemantic aggregates and integrates asset data and converts into simple visual representations that enhance data interpretation capability and provide your business with new and valuable insights.

Our system also produces real time, automated reports, removing the need for bulky and time-consuming reporting methods.GeoSemantic is a proudly South African, BBBEE level 1 company, with head offices in Johannesburg.