Smart City

Geosemantic’s Smart City platform enables city managers and administrators to visualize a range of assets and elements such as roads, vehicles, electrical, water and other municipal infrastructure in a simple map-based format, with real-time data feeds and analytics from a range of different sensors. Managers can use Smart City to proactively identify issues, manage maintenance teams and generate reports.

Smart Mobility

Geosemantic’s Smart Mobility platform focuses specifically on urban mobility and transport- be it roads, traffic signals, public transport or private transport. These items are presented in a simple interface, ready for managers to identify transport bottlenecks, improve route and road planning, optimise maintenance and generate reports.

Smart Mining

Geosemantic’s Smart Mining platform enables mine managers to visualise mine assets such as machinery, processing facilities, conveyer belts and vehicles in a simple map-based format. Real-time data feeds from a range of sensors enables mine managers to calculate closure costing, optimise mining operations and improve safety.

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