Smart Mobility in the City of Johannesburg

Smart Mobility in the City of Johannesburg
Johannesburg smart city
Smart Mobility in the City of Johannesburg

Smart mobility is a key area in the concept of smart cities. As urban centres and their populations grow, public transport and roads become more congested- and so the need for better transport and mobility becomes critical. As such, mobility is one of the key focus areas for all cities, not least those in emerging markets- where population growth is high, financial resources are limited and pollution is a major problem.

In addition, investment in smart mobility solutions has been proven to stimulate the economy in cities- both through direct employment and the resulting efficiencies gained from better access and reduced traffic congestion.

The City of Johannesburg in South Africa presents an interesting example of an emerging market metropolis that has significant resources yet is below par in mobility.

In Geosemantic’s latest insights article, we look at:

  • The business case for public transport investment
  • A framework for assessing the standard of urban mobility
  • The mobility levels of 84 international cities and how Johannesburg compares
  • Leading cities in the world and why their levels of urban mobility are so high
  • Specific improvement areas for the City of Johannesburg

By making these improvements in smart mobility, Johannesburg could boost employment, stimulate economic growth, improve security and
create a better quality of life for residents.

A similar approach could be used for any city in any emerging market.

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